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What is Amore4homes?

Amore4homes is a direct home buyer company. Our sole mission is to provide homeowners with a solution to selling their home which can save them time, money, and hassle. We serve to empower homeowners, while eliminating uncertainty and inconveience associated with the traditional real estate selling process. Our core focus is to make a competitive offer to ensure you realize maximum value from your biggest investment.

How quickly can we close and move?

We can close as fast or as slow as you like, that’s the value of working with professionals.

Why was Amore4homes created?

Amore4homes was founded based upon one simple goal:to provide homeowners with a flexible solution to sell their home! We make the process easy, hassle-free, and you can be ready to move as fast as you need! If you are thinking of selling your home in the next few months, or as soon as one week, our team of real estate experts are dedicated to helping you every step of the way

Where if Amore4homes currently buying homes?

Amore4homes is currently buying homes within the metro &suburbian areas of DC, Baltimore, and Virginia. Our portfolio also includes homes in Northern New Jersey, Southern New Jersey,Central New Jersey, and Eastern New Jersey.

What types of homes do Amore4homes buy?

We purchase homes that fit the following criteria:

  • Family residential homes, including condos and townhomes
  • Commercial properties, including residential and non- residential

What do you do with my house after I move?

We will develop a repair and renovation plan to get the home in how-ready condition to list it on the market.

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